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Enter now: $500 media award for reporting on mental health, suicide Submit your entries now for the 2014-15 Washington Mental Health Reporting Award, which recognizes exemplary coverage of suicide prevention and mental health in Washington state. The award is sponsored by Forefront: Innovations in Suicide Prevention and the University of Washington Department of Communication’s Journalism […]

WNPA ONB House Transportation Budgets Updates

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Updates today: transportation fiscal issues in House of Representatives — “striking amendments” (all related to House Transportation Committee’s actions on Senate transportation budget proposals) indicate new bill usually incorporating all prior amendments, with possible additions and other changes. Check bills’ content at and type bill number in search box. Good luck and enjoy! House […]

Operating and Capital Budgets

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The House this afternoon Passed Operating and Capital Budgets–available on 2015-17 House Floor Passed Operating Budget 2015 House Floor Passed Operating Budget Budget Documents  2015-17 House Floor Passed Capital Budget 2015 House Floor Passed Capital Budget Budget Documents Maps

ONB House Budgets

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2015-17 Biennial Operating Budget 2015 Supplemental Operating Budget

ONB Senate Transportation Budget

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Senate Transportation 2015-17 Chair Proposed Transportation Budget Senate Transportation 2015 Supplemental Chair Proposed Transportation Budget Map Transportation Projects Budget Bills and Documents

House committee approves version of 2015-2017 capital budget

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For the budget please click here. 

Two great examples of how journalism has changed for the better


By: Matthew Ingram Are we living in a golden age for journalism, or is it the Dark Ages? There’s nothing that gets a group of media types going like that question, which is kind of an updated version of a perennial favorite: “Are bloggers journalists?” Obviously, the kind of upheaval that leads to mass layoffs […]

WSU students and the Everett Herald cover the anniversary of the mudslide in Darrington

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2015 BNC Dates and Information



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Commercial public records requests a revenue resource for agencies? By Alice Day, Reporter WNPA Olympia News Bureau-March 10, 2015 OLYMPIA—State and local agencies may charge a processing fee for public records sought for commercial purposes, under terms of a proposal considered by the 2015 Legislature. Critics, however, say the change would adversely affect records requests […]