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Missouri Press Association supports student photographer

After student and faculty protests Monday, Nov. 9, on the University of Missouri campus in Columbia, the Missouri Press Association declares its support for MU student photographer Tim Tai and denounces the role students and staff played in attempting to prevent news media from covering events at the university. “The actions and words captured on […]

Kate Martin-Open Records Request

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Study shows that’s BLOX CMS is most-used daily newspaper CMS

MOLINE, Ill. – More U.S. daily newspapers use‘s BLOX CMS than any other content management system, says a report released by the Reynolds Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri.   “More than half the dailies (with detectable systems) prefer the BLOX CMS,” said the report, which was authored by RJI Fellow Barrett Golding.   By Golding’s […]

This Year’s Winners Tab

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October TWN

National Newspaper Association Urges US Department of Labor to Slow Down on Overtime Rule Hikes

Washington Newspaper Publishers Association

The National Newspaper Association today called on the US Department of Labor (DOL) to scale back its aggressive push to raise salary thresholds for exempt workers under the Fair Labor Standards Act. DOL has said it wants to more than double in a single year the salary basis by which professional, creative and administrative white […]

Don’t pay sales tax on production equipment used at your newspaper

Newspapers are special and in Washington State that means you don’t have to pay sales tax on any computers or peripherals used in making your newspaper. Almost any workstation in a newspaper can qualify if they are performing primarily production tasks. Production tasks include writing and editing news stories, producing graphics, ads, processing photos, outputting […]

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2015 Convention Brochure

2015 Convention Brochure