Association Membership

Community newspapers and their niche publications reach millions of readers in urban, suburban and rural communities across the state. Find membership information and a searchable member list on our membership page. Judy DeVaul and Frank DeVaul, above, publish three WNPA-member newspapers.




Members receive a monthly newsletter as an eEdition or pdf. Explore TWN archives and get details about the Publishers eBulletin available weekly to WNPA members.


Industry Awards

WNPA presents lifetime achievement awards and Better Newspaper Contest awards at the annual convention. Shown here are winners of the Walter C. Woodward Freedom's Light Award. State Rep. Frank Chopp, left, received it in 2013 and Rowland Thompson of Allied Daily Newspapers of Washington, right, in 2012.

Events and Opportunities  

Join us at WNPA's 127th Annual Convention (Oct. 2-4, 2014) in Chelan. Check here regularly to confirm dates for webinars, board meetings and Legislative Day. 
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